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I'm here so that you can say:

"My life is easier."

"I'm up to my challenges, but I'm not alone."

"Learning to be aware of my thoughts is changing how I think and act. So many more choices. Conflict no longer shuts me down."

"I'm clearer, more focused, and have tools to create results that are important to me.  It's not always easy, but I'm not struggling. Wahoo! I have more energy!"

About Coach Ingrid :

I'm professionally certified since 2007.

I'm the author of The Un-Game, Four-Play to Business As UNusual and the  Courageous Conversations articles.

I have amazing clients in the US, Canada, and Australia who will praise their results from our creative, challenging, fun coaching. Go ahead. Request their contact info.

Upcoming Coaching Opportunity

Discounted by 50%  for the second 2018 on- the- phone Conflict Mastery Practice Group. Limited to 8 people who want to practice having robust, courageous, and empowered conversations. Affordable for all.  Starts September 24, 25 or 26.  Download the flyer and see the cool people from the first group. Act now. Request more information: Text 254 716-5705, email coach@ingridmartine.com. This group will fill quickly.


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